Paranoia in the Pentagon: the U.S. media was told to fly Russian missiles from Kaliningrad

Edition of the Washington Post published an article with maps, which depict a range of advanced missile systems that could soon be deployed in the Kaliningrad region. According to journalists of the edition, countries that are included in the radius (Poland, Latvia, Lithuania, Sweden, Finland, Romania, Serbia, Bulgaria and others) should be concerned, as accommodation complexes will radically change the situation in the Baltic States, writes RT.


The Kremlin “has waved away” from the anxiety of the West over the deployment of advanced missile systems in the Kaliningrad region, writes The Washington Post, as, in Moscow’s view, NATO expanding to the East itself provokes Russia to take retaliatory measures.


Reporters also noted that the Arsenal, partly tested in Syria, will include coastal missile system “Bastion”, anti-missile ground-based s-400 rocket complex of sea basing “the Caliber of NC” and operational-tactical missile complex “Iskander-M”.

Photo: Konstantin Semenov / TRK “Star”