The capital has developed a 3D counterparts of Leo Tolstoy, Fyodor Dostoevsky and Lev Yashin

The capital has developed a 3D counterparts of Leo Tolstoy, Fyodor Dostoevsky and Lev Yashin

Users of the app “Discover Moscow” Photo “capturing” virtual DoppelgangeR and take a selfie. talks about how to create 3D copies of historical persons.

Until the end of the year in the mobile app “Discover Moscow Photos” will be new 3D characters. In anticipation of the New year on the background of glowing balls and garlands Muscovites and guests of the capital will be able to take pictures with a virtual counterpart of Leo Tolstoy, Fyodor Dostoevsky and Lev Yashin, the famous goalkeeper of the Moscow “Dynamo”. Their images embody the actors-doubles, which sought throughout Russia.

Search double

According to the project developers, the hardest part of creating a 3D counterparts — to achieve the historical similarities. The process is divided into three main phases. The first competitive selection of actors, to look like the hero. The second selection of makeup and costumes, and the third scanning and adaptation for the mobile app. Using 3D-technology creates a digital copy of a person.

“Wanting to play the celebrity was more than we expected. Has up to 150 applications a day from all over Russia”, — said the Director in the casting of the project Elena Mironenko.

According to her, the doubles without acting experience had to deny: “Professional actor has mastered the art of transformation. With just one look, facial expressions and gestures he is able to get in the way. Makeup and costume are the only option”.

According to Elena Mironenko, the hardest thing was to find Leo Tolstoy. None of the candidates did not have sufficient similarity.

“Colleagues are advised to look into Vladimir Ipatovo. In his 58-year-old actor’s movie more than 20 roles — explained Elena Mironenko. — First attempt dispelled all doubt: from the wardrobe came out a real Leo Tolstoy — in his white shirt and with long thick beard.”

But Dostoevsky was the 23-year-old Arthur Marchenko, first year performing the role of the writer in antrepriznyh performances.

Youth good actor, not a hindrance. To the already existing similar facial features we have added make-up. Worked on the face of the shadow, through which the actor seems older than his years.Ksenia Bluelagoon makeup

Alexey Ustinov, originally saw himself in the role of Peter I. However, the creators of the project decided that the 42-year-old actor looked like a star of the Soviet football Lev Yashin.

“For a long time closely to his hero. Looking for similar habits, they helped me to find the way. For example, we both love to fish, listen to jazz,” — said the actor.

In the dressing room

In the dressing room of Tolstoy, Dostoevsky and Yashin scurry back and forth, the costume designer, makeup artists, assistants. Everywhere hanging props, costumes, brought from the “Mosfilm”.

A big fluffy brush make-up artist Ksenia Balueva is putting the finishing touches on the face of Lev Yashin.

“To scan the actor is successful, it is necessary to achieve the effect of matte skin. If the skin will Shine, the device will not be able to scan the face clearly,” she said.

Finally the command “action!”. The assistant invites artists in the Studio. Room for the creation of 3D models is no different from a regular office.

“Special professional lighting, backgrounds and other tricks that require the camcorder and the camera, the scanner does not need,” — said the expert on 3D scanners Denis Bayev.

In historical costume and makeup, the actor stands in the center of the room and takes a pre-rehearsed pose.


In one hand specialist holding a handheld scanner, to another laptop on which screen are transmitted synchronously scanned items.

“The computer screen allows you to immediately see the missing part. Otherwise, the model will succeed the reufs. In the professional slang we call such spaces with holes,” explained Denis Baev.

While the artist slowly scans each item, the model must remain motionless. “Otherwise, the scanner is one pose is characterized by just two. And the outcome is not a football player Lev Yashin, and spider-Man,” smiles the expert.

It is for this reason the process always starts with individuals. Once the face is ready, the model still does not change the position of the body, but can afford to blink or close the eye. The whole process takes an average of five to 10 minutes.

“The speed depends on the complexity of the character. Some items require a separate drawing. For example, for a better transfer of volume, I decided to separately scan a football Lev Yashin. It took a extra minute,” explained Denis Baev.

After 10 minutes the finished 3D model appears on the computer screen. It can be rotated in different directions, and to make plain, for example purple. “Single color mode allows you to see not until the end of the traced elements,” said Denis Baev.

The final touches leave behind high technology. After scanning enables the automatic processing mode.

“After 15 minutes of 3D will be double-completely ready. During this time, the program will correct all errors: darken overexposed areas or, on the contrary, will add the missing elements,” explained Denis Baev.

Run 3D-doubles on the city streets

On virtual characters into the hands of urban developers mobile app “Discover Moscow. The photo”.

“Before starting 3D-doubles on the streets of the city, we will set up for each on the map Moscow two or three points — geotag and upload to the application a brief historical background about them,” said one of the developers of Maxim Malyshev. Then in the app add new characters.

According to Maxim Malyshev, a 3D scanning method made-up actors in costumes were chosen for historical accuracy. Drawn using computer graphics character would not look so natural. A selfie with him would not be so interesting.

“In the future we plan to improve the night-time version of the program below in the dark 3D double looked as realistic as day,” added the developer.

Muscovites will be able to download the updated app “Discover Moscow” Photo to the end of the year.

As soon as the user will be within 50 meters of the desired coordinate, he will get the opportunity to see and to record the virtual character using the smartphone’s camera.

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The app works similarly to Pokemon Go — that is to be photographed with the double, it will be necessary to “catch” moving the compass from the menu. Once the character is “caught”, it can rotate 360 degrees, zoom in and out and make a selfie with him. While Annex nine doubles:

— Viktor Tsoi;.

— Yuri Gagarin;.

— Alexander Pushkin;.

— Pyotr Tchaikovsky;.

— Mikhail Lomonosov;.

— Ivan The Terrible;.

— Peter The Great;.

— Napoleon Bonaparte;.

— Tsar Alexei Mikhailovich.

In the Department of information technology of Moscow has reminded that the task of the game application with virtual counterparts to interest a young audience the history and cultural heritage of the city and to bring her to the pages core project “Discover Moscow”, which already has descriptions of more than 1.3 thousand houses, 114 monuments, 40 museums, 162 territories and information about 196 historical figures.

Portal or mobile app “Discover Moscow” users can choose from 57 different thematic routes in the city and 25 quests, told the head of the project Sergey Sacral. Information about attractions available in Russian and English languages.