An angry letter from Lennon to McCartney bought for $30 thousand

An angry letter from Lennon to McCartney bought for $30 thousand

The letter, which enraged John Lennon wrote to Paul McCartney and his wife Linda after the breakup of the Beatles, sold at auction around 30 thousand dollars.

The letter is typed and contains handwritten edits. In the letter Lennon rudely expresses dissatisfaction with the attitude of the spouses to him and his wife Yoko Ono.

It is believed that Lennon wrote the letter in 1971, in response to a letter from Linda McCartney, who was unhappy that the musician has not publicly announced his departure from the group.

In the first paragraphs Lennon writes that, having received a letter from Linda, and decided that it was written by some “crazy Beatles fan middle age.” He sarcastically wonders who else from wives and mothers are associated with a group of people can write it.

He then, in strong terms criticized Paul and Linda McCartney, as well as other “kind and unselfish friends” for their bad attitude to Lennon and his wife.

Lennon also explains that it is not declared publicly about leaving the group, as this he was asked by Paul McCartney, and former band Manager Allen Klein.

Lennon also in the letter writes about “the mad family” Linda. Capital letters Lennon wrote, “God guide you, Paul.”

The auction house RR Auction said that the letter shows how much McCartney and Lennon competed with each other before the group disbanded.