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As it became known “Kommersant”, the TFR is investigating a criminal case against the owner deprived of a license of non-state pension Fund (NPF) “Blagovest” Sergei Shahman. He is accused of stealing more than 1.3 billion rubles of pension savings. According to investigators, shortly before the elimination of the money was withdrawn by Mr. Sajmonom to the accounts of firms-a something ephemeral and appropriated.

A criminal case under part 4 St. 159 criminal code (fraud in especially large size) was brought GSU SKR across Moscow about a year after NPF “Blagovest” was revoked license.

As stated in the decision of the Central Bank, it happened because of violations of Fund legislation in part of investing pension accruals, and also due to the fact that the NPF did not comply with regulator’s prescriptions and did not provide information about yourself.See alsoCentral Bank revoked the license of the three pension funds

At that time, the assets of the “Blagovest” was 4.2 billion rubles, while the share of pension savings in the Fund accounted for about 3 billion RUB as at 3 December 2015 (license revoked on 3 November of the same year), the liabilities of NPF “Blagovest” in payment for life assigned to non-state pensions to almost 4 thousand depositors was about 370 million rubles.

The registered Fund was in 2004. In 2012, the “Blagovest” annexed NPF “Personal pension”, in 2013 — NPF “Moscow city of private pension Fund” (formerly NPF “Pension Fund of Bank of Moscow”), in the 2014 NPF Stayer. At the time of entry on registration in the unified state register of legal entities were placed only 26.5% of the Fund’s shares, that is was officially revealed only some of the shareholders: 22,65% of the shares owned by OOO “MKS — a Guarantee of” 3,76% — to Sergey Alimirzoev, even a 0.1% CEO Natalia Savina.

During the investigation it was found that 100% of the shares of the Fund owned by the Moscow OOO “Orianna ST”, owned by businessman Sergei shahman.

He believed in the TFR, and has implemented a number of fraud are placed in the Fund of pension savings. This was done, according to investigators, through the criminal code “Sadko-Finans” that “evangelism” was a contract of trust management.See alsoTransparency International named Russia as one of the most corrupt countries

As believe in law enforcement, funds from NPF began to leave in the spring of 2015. Note that almost 50% of pension savings of the Fund were placed in the brokerage accounts of OJSC “IK “Arbat”,” and another 35% of savings invested in mortgage participation certificates issued by OOO “Alliance Management”.

As suggested in the TFR, “by concluding a fictitious civil-law transactions with securities”, 2nd bn, Mr Sajmonom the NPF “Blagovest” was stolen more than 1,3 billion rubles.

Protection of Sergey Shahman about the charges against him to communicate with “b” refused. During his arrest, the lawyers insisted that “there was no evidence of reasonable suspicion of involvement in Sahmani in the alleged crime”. In addition, protection of the businessman insisted that the actions of Sergey Shahman fall under signs of crimes committed in the sphere of entrepreneurial activities, in connection with the application to it of a measure of restraint in form of detention is unacceptable. However, the court found that the suspicions of the investigation on the possible involvement of Mr. Chahman to the crime is justified, and to the entrepreneurial activities of his act is irrelevant.

Oleg Rubikovich