Bears in the national Park “Taganay” became vegetarian

Bears in the national Park “Taganay” became vegetarian

In recent years, predators is almost entirely on vegetable food.

Bears in the national Park Taganay in the Chelyabinsk region almost entirely from animal food to plant. To such conclusion employees of the scientific Department of the national Park, who analyzed the behavior of the inhabitants of the Park for the last 23 years.

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According to scientists, to blame people. Bears eat food and waste that leave many tourists, and practically ceased to hunt. Now the basis of the diet tagonistic bears in addition to debris consists of grass, berries and red forest ants, which are difficult to attribute to meat, according to news Agency “Ural-press-inform”.

Experts say that replacing the usual food and disruption of the normal rhythm of life due to human interference can lead to a decrease in the bear population.

National Park “Taganai” was established in the Chelyabinsk region in 1991, its territory was a ban on hunting brown bear. As a result, the number of these animals has grown from seven to 30 individuals.