Poklonskaya called the niece of marine Le Pen in the Crimea



The Deputy of the state Duma Natalia Polonskaya was invited to the brotherhood, including Marion maréchal Le Pen. She wrote about this on his page in Facebook on Thursday, November 17.

The former Prosecutor of the Republic met with the Deputy of the National Assembly of France, Marion Marechal Le Pen at the meeting in the lower house of the Russian Parliament, the report says.

“The conversation was very pleasant. Said including on the strengthening of good relations between our peoples. For its part, has invited colleagues to visit Russian in the Crimea”, — wrote Polonskaya.

During the visit of French MPs will discuss the development of the project, symbolizing the friendship of Moscow and Paris, she added.

26-year-old Marion Marechal Le Pen, granddaughter of Jean-Marie Le pen and niece of marine Le Pen, leader of the French party “national front” and a candidate for the presidency.

On 13 November, marine Le Pen said Europe should not be afraid of the Kremlin’s policy and disregard of Russia, “living with her in the context of the cold war.” Earlier the politician promised to recognize the Crimea part of Russia in case of election on a post of the President of France.

In late July, the Peninsula was visited by a delegation of French parliamentarians headed by Deputy Natssobraniya Thierry Mariani. This trip legislators from France to the Peninsula became the second after the accession of Crimea to Russia. Speaking at a press conference, the French expressed the opinion that Ukraine should accept the results of the referendum held in March 2014.