Obama stood up for trump: don’t assume the worst

The current U.S. President Barack Obama urged the world not to focus on the worst and give the elected President of the United States Donald Trump time, according to Reuters.

“My main message to you… and the message that I made in Europe — just don’t assume the worst,” said Obama in Peru at APEC.

According to him, Trump must be given a chance to examine all issues and to decide on the strategy of his administration. Obama explained that the way politicians conduct election campaigns that are not always consistent with their methods of rule after the country.

“Wait until the property will assume his responsibilities… Then you will be able to draw conclusions whether the property interests of the international community who are to live in peace and prosperity”, — said the acting President of the United States.

Earlier, Obama talked about the upcoming “shifting world order” after the coming to power of Donald trump”. ACCORDING to Obama, the world will be “meaner, harsher, and harder.” This statement he made after meeting with German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

Photo: Ron Sachs/dpa/Globallookpress