Kitten rescued resident of Australia hidden in the boot of the snake

Kitten rescued resident of Australia hidden in the boot of the snake

In the Australian city of Perth four-month-old kitten has warned the owner of a poisonous snake hiding in the boot. On Thursday, November 17, the newspaper reports WAtoday.

Ivan McNamara (Mcnamara Ivan) told reporters that he noticed how intently his pet looks into the corner of the bedroom. The man tried to understand what could be of interest to the kitten, and saw peeking from his boot a snake head.

The reptile crawled under the Cabinet, but McNamara was pinned under his other Shoe and called to the aid of his girlfriend. Together, they herded the snake into a plastic container and then released her outside.

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Apparently, in the boot there was a young tiger snake. They are found in Australia and grow up to two meters in length. The bite of the adult often leads to death.

On 8 November it was reported that a resident of the US almost died from the bite of the severed head of a rattlesnake. The incident occurred when a man killed a venomous reptile and held out his hand to lift his body. At this point the severed head moved and bit him.