The sources of the state Department reported that “the air force strikes” hospitals in Syria

The sources of the state Department reported that “the air force strikes” hospitals in Syria

Source of information about allegedly bombed in Syria five hospitals and a mobile hospital was the Turkish office of the Syrian American medical society, whose headquarters is in Washington.

MOSCOW/DAMASCUS/GENEVA/WASHINGTON, Nov 19 — RIA Novosti. Source of information U.S. state Department about the alleged bombed in Syria five hospitals and a mobile hospital than the official representative of us state Department, John Kirby was quick to blame Russia, was the Turkish office of the Syrian American medical society, whose headquarters is in Washington.

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The US state Department on Thursday gave the RT data on “air strikes” for 5 hospitals and one mobile hospital in Syria, where the coalition accuses Russia and Damascus.

This happened after a public squabble between the representative of the foreign Department of the USA John Kirby and the RT reporter at the briefing. Kirby several times went from no response to a request to provide data on hospitals, which, according to him, was subjected to Russian attacks videoconferencing. In the end he lost his temper and advised the journalist to ask for a list of hospitals from the Russian authorities. Kirby for the behavior of another representative office Elizabeth Trudeau apologized, and later the state Department sent information, which insisted the reporter.

Legal Manager Turkish office of the Syrian American medical community Mohammad Kutub (Mohamad Katoub) confirmed to Sputnik that the state Department released their data collected from working in the SAR volunteers and staff. However, he assured that the NGO does not have official information about who was destroyed by the medical establishment.

No charges

Passed RT the US state Department data was signed by a Turkish hub of the health cluster (Health Cluster Hub Turkey).

A spokesman for the world health organization (who) Tariq BiH national jasarevic Azra explained to RIA Novosti that the Turkish hub of the health cluster works under the auspices of the who. He is “coordinating cross-border operations in the field of health, involving nearly 40 partner organizations, including international and Syrian NGOs.”

However, he provided contact Katuba, that he personally commented on the situation.

“We know that hospital was destroyed by air strikes from our 170 paramedics on site (in different regions of Syria),” said the NGO representative on the phone. He stressed that the NGO “does not blame” Russia: “it (the assumption about the involvement of VKS RF) based only on the witnesses”. “Therefore, we demand an investigation”, — said Kutub.

Who position

The who confirmed the existence of the above-mentioned NGO health institutions, but he stressed that you can’t talk about the guilt of someone in their destruction.

“Who has direct contact with the five hospitals referred to in our statement, and employees of these hospitals informed us about the damage,” — said RIA Novosti BiH national jasarevic Azra.See alsothe state Department has refused to prove allegations of Russian bombing in Syria

He stressed that “the who has no mandate and expertise examination to determine the cause of the injury or identifying the perpetrators”.

The who declined to specify the coordinates of the hospitals subjected to air strikes, noting that they can not disclose the name or location without approval from these institutions and their supporting non-governmental organizations. In addition, the organization, as well as OCHA, did not reply to the request of RIA Novosti to provide a photo – or video materials confirming the fact of destruction.

In the regional office of the International Committee of the red cross (ICRC) in Damascus, confirmed the information to NGOs in two health facilities.

As reported by Sputnik Agency the press-Secretary of the Department of indzhi Sidqi, two hospitals, in which medical treatment was provided, came under fire on November 14 West of Aleppo, we are talking about hospitals al-Ansar and Atareb.

“The ICRC has provided assistance to these hospitals by providing medicines and medical supplies. Ansar hospital, probably had a field in it for the month assistance was given to 5 thousand people”, — she said.

However, she found it difficult to comment on the likely reasons hospitals caused the destruction.

“We have no information about these two hospitals, except that they were completely destroyed… these hospitals don’t work at all. We can’t determine whether their destruction as the result of an air strike or not. Our team was not at the scene of the incident, therefore, it is difficult to confirm or refute this information,” — said the representative of the ICRC office.

“We are working with the Syrian Red Crescent, through those who are “on the ground” to find out what happened to these two hospitals destroyed medical supplies, and they do not work at all”, he added.

Press Secretary of the ICRC was unable to comment about the attacks on the hospitals in Idlib, noting that it has no information on this.

In the Syrian Arab Red Crescent (SARC) Sputnik reported that they do not have any information on this issue.

Information blooper

LiveTrue to Kirby: the state Department has chosen a policy of charges

The Russian defense Ministry on Friday again denied the allegations of the US state Department about the alleged application of videoconferencing strikes on Syrian hospitals, calling the statements of Kirby information lyapom. Thus the official representative of Department major General Igor Konashenkov said that the Russian side has repeatedly appealed to the representatives of USA, UK, France, Germany, other countries and international organizations to provide any location information to the terrorists-controlled areas of Syria points of medical care (the”hospital)” or “schools”.

“The answer is always the same — this information no one. All that is known, the message “White helmets” or the local anonymous “journalists” (“activists”)”, — he said.

Konashenkov also drew attention to the official report of the British government “non-humanitarian aid the UK in Syria in 2012-2015”, which States that “White helmets” received from the British government of 15 million pounds. But another 5.3 million pounds received some “media”. Moreover, in the explanation to the “media” is literally written: “UK-Funded projects aimed at creation of a network of independent media outlets across Syria. Their job is to report on Facebook and Twitter about the chemical attacks of the regime forces in ghouta, and promptly to supply information from local residents and the “White helmets”.

Whose territory

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Localities mentioned in the list of the US state Department, currently under the control of terrorist groups, in particular, “jabhat al Fatah ash-sham” (the former “dzhebhat an-Nusra”, banned in Russia).

Three of the five hospitals included in the list are in the province of Aleppo. Meanwhile, the Ministry of defence of the Russian Federation on Wednesday recalled that during the 29 days of aviation of Russian air force did not strike at Aleppo.

Russia has repeatedly stated that the choice of targets of the air strikes in Syria carefully verifies incoming intelligence information and only after that decides about the air attack. The previously unheard of accusations that Russia has allegedly strikes on civilian targets in Syria, also never found any evidence.

One of the key issues affecting settlement in Syria, is the demarcation of the so-called moderate opposition and terrorist groups. While Washington has not yet managed to fulfill its obligations in this area.