Housing Fund faces liquidation


RIA Novosti/Alexandr Kryazhev

The Russian government is discussing the possibility of eliminating one of the state corporations Fund of assistance to reforming housing and communal services. This “Izvestia” said a member of the Supervisory Council, President of the Union of cities Arctic and the far North Igor Shpektor. He wrote the request to maintain the Fund’s President Vladimir Putin, Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev and Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Kozak.

— The issue of the closure of the Fund of assistance to reforming housing and communal services was discussed in the Ministry and is now pending with Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Kozak, told Shpektor. — From my point of view, posed this question completely wrong.

Under the current system, the Fund receives money from the Federal budget and directs them to support the regional programs of resettlement and demolition of dilapidated housing and capital repairs, modernization of municipal infrastructure. Together with the liquidation of the Corporation, all this financial burden may be entirely borne by the regions. And they own these programs do not have enough money. In addition, as noted in the Supervisory Board of the Fund, the allocation of funds through it allows you to control the expenditure of funds by governors.

— If today we liquidate the Fund and transfer these functions to the entities, we return to the situation of 2005, and no one will do it, — feared Igor Shpektor. — We now often see failures. But today, strict control of the Fund and its Supervisory Board gives a positive result. The transfer of these powers to the level of constituent entities and municipalities will lead to the fact that the demolition of emergency housing in the current volume will not.

Another member of the Supervisory Board — Professor of the Department of real estate management and land use Ranepa Eugene bogomolny confirmed that the question of liquidation is now being discussed in the corridors of power. And what will be decided — no one knows.

Is one of the most efficient corporations, which oversees a fairly serious issue: resettlement of dilapidated housing, — says Eugene bogomolny. — Relocation’t stop today or tomorrow, it will still need to do. The second issue is a major overhaul. It is the responsibility of the regions, but needs to be in charge of the activities of the centre. And the third question is a State information system (GIS) utilities. Today, the Fund has developed a strong team that can oversee all of this, knows the methodology, knows how to do it. I believe that closing the Fund impossible. You can change the functions to reorient, but the organization, which is engaged in methodology and control, you should be.

At the same time, the press service of the Ministry reminded that, in accordance with applicable law, the Fund of assistance to reforming housing and communal services will continue its work until 1 January 2018.

— No changes in the law at the moment is not ready, — said the Agency “news”.

However, for the liquidation of the Fund, it is sufficient simply not to renew the term of its existence, as it did previously.

The Fund has a claim of several departments. Earlier the audit chamber of Russia has repeatedly pointed out that the Foundation does not spend its allocated funds from the budget properly is a significant part of their long lying motionless on the deposits.

The head of the controlling Department Tatyana Golikova has told in interview “news” that at the beginning of this year the volume of temporarily available funds of the Fund amounted to 58.7 billion rubles. Of this money, 51.5 billion rubles were placed on Deposit, the interest thereon for the year 2015 has been credited with almost 5 billion roubles. Tatyana Golikova promised jointly with the Ministry of Finance “to close the “vents” that safely, without breaking the law funneling budgetary resources”. By the way, the Fund’s Supervisory Board is headed by a predecessor Golikova on a post of the Chairman of the audit chamber Sergei Stepashin.

According to the Fund of assistance to reforming housing and communal services, in 2014 in Russia were resettled of 6.55 million square meters of housing, which until 2012 was recognized emergency. And it’s only 59% of the volume (of 11.15 million sq m), which is in accordance with the decree of the President should be resettled by October next year. It turns out that the remaining 41% of emergency square meters, with a population of 291,64 thousand people, the regional authorities, with the support of the Fund needs to settle for less than a year.

First Deputy Chairman of state Duma Committee on housing policy and housing Alexander Sidyakin told “Izvestia” that talks about the possible elimination of the Fund are maintained in connection with the fact that next year the resettlement program of emergency housing.

— There is a load command, professionals, — said the MP. — We are now seriously considering the implementation of other infrastructure projects. The question of the elimination of this Fund to set prematurely. To carry out expert discussions, you need to consult. I believe that the Fund is effective. Without this structure would not be running a system overhaul.

Chairman of the Executive Committee of the Russian public organization “Russian Union of taxpayers”, the Vice-President of Commission OP of the Russian Federation on housing Artem Kiryanov also urged a cautious approach to the issue of possible liquidation of the Fund.

— There are problems that need to be addressed in order of priority, — he told “Izvestia”. One of them is the resettlement of dilapidated housing, which should finish in 2017, but it is obvious that it should be continued, because not all objects were included in the list of dilapidated housing. Any reform is a costly exercise. In the next two to three years the situation in the economy will be quite complex. It’s better to fix the existing situation and not to touch the existing working mechanisms.