Adviser to trump confirmed the consideration of candidates Romney for the post of Secretary of state

Donald trump and MITT Romney

Elected President of the United States, Donald trump intends to consider the candidacy of the former Governor of Massachusetts MITT Romney for the post of Secretary of state. According to Reuters, this information was confirmed by a senior adviser to trump, Chairman of the National Committee of the Republican party the Raines Pribus. However, as he explained, at the same time consider other candidates for the post of foreign Minister of the country.

Earlier, the media learned about the plans to appoint Romney Secretary of state, but officially the information is not voiced.

Speaking on TV channel, ABC, Priebus explained that Romney and trump had a “very meaningful” conversation during the meeting on Saturday, November 19. During the dialogue the sides discussed the issues of foreign policy and other issues.

Elected Vice-President Mike Pence on air Fox News confirmed that the candidacy of Romney is “under active consideration”, but there are other options.

MITT Romney, widely criticized trump during the election campaign, calling it in March 2016 as “fraud” and “cheater.” In addition, Romney is known for sharp statements to address of Russia, China and Iran. In 2012 he called Russia “a geopolitical enemy of the United States.”

In 2008 and 2012, Romney was nominated as candidate for the presidential elections, but in the first case, withdrew his candidacy in favor of John McCain, and the second — lost to Barack Obama.