The West has completely split in relation to Russia – media

The visit of the incumbent President Barack Obama in Europe showed a split in attitudes to Russia in Washington and in European countries. He writes about this Time.


One vivid example is the reception of the patrol ship of the black sea fleet “Sharp-witted” Greece, a member of the European Union and a NATO member. He arrived in the Greek port at the end of October, but nobody in the West during his visit Obama expressed the Athens protest, despite the fact that the US and EU imposed anti-Russian sanctions. Some just expressed that the actions of Greece as “unacceptable” and “it is not befitting a member of NATO”. And Obama said only about “the importance of maintaining the sanctions,” while in Ukraine, the conflict continues.


The publication writes that Obama’s behavior regarding the application of restrictive measures is clear. Because the United States and Germany are the main countries opposing Russia. On the eve of the US presidential election was won by Donald trump, who promised to improve relations with Moscow. In addition, the European Union and prior to his victory too much engaged in infighting, to think about Russia, the article said.


As wrote the Western media, Obama will “pass the baton” on building relations with Russia, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, but she has no such influence to unite the Union, said the author of the material. Especially after Brexit.


The publication notes that since the British referendum on Europe is “in survival mode”. In the past three years, the policy towards Russia is fully determined by the cooperation of Merkel and Obama, as well as the UK.


“But with the UK out of the EU, and Obama from the White house, Merkel will have to make much more efforts to get her reluctant allies to support the old line,” writes Time.


Despite the fact that in Berlin the Europeans “unanimously” declared in Syria, many EU members do not agree with this state of things. Especially outraged Greece, Italy, Hungary, Slovakia and Cyprus, not once declared about the necessity of easing of sanctions. Because of the restrictive and hurt the economy of Europe itself, but do not contribute to change Russia’s behavior. The article said that the countries around the Merkel because of EU loans. However, Finance is not the “healthy way” to manage the “European family,” the author stresses.

Photo: imago/stock&people/Globallookpress