Peggy Whitson was the elderly an astronaut in the history

Peggy Whitson was the elderly an astronaut in the history

The American space record holder, 57-year-old Peggy Whitson, took off on his third mission to the International space station from Baikonur cosmodrome, becoming the most senior woman in space in the history of its development.

The spacecraft “Soyuz” will deliver it to the ISS together with Russian Oleg Novitsky and French astronaut Thomas Sands, for which the space flight — first.

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On Saturday, they will arrive at the station with one American astronaut and two Russian cosmonaut. Until may 2017, they need to conduct a series of experiments in orbit.

Whitson was born in Iowa, trained as a biochemist and worked at NASA in various positions until 1996 when she became an astronaut candidate.

In 2002 she made her first flight into space, and five years later she became the first in the history of the ISS woman commander of the crew.

By may next year, Whitson beat another record: it will hold in space for more days than any other American astronaut.

During previous flights it six times out to open space.