Obama considers Russia a superpower

Obama considers Russia a superpower

WASHINGTON, 17 Dec — RIA Novosti, Dmitry Zlatarev. Incumbent President Barack Obama called Russia a military superpower.

He noted that “all interested in the success of Russia, in the growth of its economy, its good relations with neighbouring countries”.

Obama also expressed hope that the new head of state Donald trump “will continue the approach of cooperation with Russia,” but will stand up to Moscow where her views diverge with Washington.

Additionally, the US President said that Washington has “clear evidence” of Russian involvement in the cyber attacks against American interests. However, he did not specify what exactly.

Merkel, in turn, noted that Germany is interested in good neighborly relations with Russia. “But that cannot deter us from discussing the deepest differences,” added the Chancellor.

This week, Obama began his last major tour as President of the United States. He visited Greece, arrived in Germany, and then travel to Peru for the APEC summit. In addition to meeting with Merkel, in Germany, Obama is scheduled to meet with leaders of France, Britain, Spain and Italy.