In the South American state of Utah has broken voting machine

Malfunction of the voting machines in the southern part of Utah forced the members of the precinct electoral Commission to issue ballot papers. Reported by the Associated Press Tuesday, November 8th.

According to employees of election Commission, we are working on Troubleshooting the machines.

According to the Agency, technical failures were also observed in the States of Pennsylvania and Texas. In particular, in one of the suburbs of Houston because of a computer crash about 100 people lined up, waiting for repair of equipment. As a result, many of them left.

On 26 October it was reported that the residents of Pennsylvania during the election of the President on November 8, will Express their will by means of voting machines of the 1980-ies. The failure of this technique can create problems if necessary, a recount machines do not issue paper copies of the results, and the manufacturer no longer exists.

November 8 in the United States held presidential elections. According to aggregator RealClearPolitics election polls, Republican candidate Donald trump is ahead of his opponent, the nominee of the Democratic party Hillary Clinton by 2 percent.