“Freezing” the fog will come to Moscow

At Metropolitan the met office spoke about “freezing” the fog that envelops the city on the night of November 9. The same situation will repeat the next day, announced on Tuesday, November 8, TASS reported.

This fog causes icing of roads, trees and cars. Visibility will not exceed one kilometer. The temperature in some areas will drop to eight degrees below zero.

Earlier, November 8, weather forecasters talked about “snow Apocalypse” in the capital. As expected, 10 November to Moscow will come the Balkan cyclone in the next two days will be dropped a third of the monthly norm of precipitation.

“Traffic jams are provided, this applies to cars, and airplanes. From home these days better not to go out, it will be a real snow Apocalypse”, — said the representative of the center weather “Phobos”. It is expected that the weather is normal by the weekend.