She has told about the reasons for the withdrawal of the children from her by the Finnish authorities

Living in Finland Russian Svetlana REC on Wednesday, November 2, told the publication the reasons why local authorities to withdraw from her two children.

According to REC, its civil husband — Russian named Imans — two years ago, in 2014, were held on charges of drug dealing. The decision of the court a man deported from the country. Svetlana was accused of use of prohibited substances.

In violation of the ban Imans several times illegally entered the territory of Finland and lived with Rots and her children that forced the government to put girls at the family centre in Turku. Mother was allowed to see them every day and tuck them to sleep. The only condition for the visits was the blood for drugs.

After that, the ROC has charged that she hasn’t spent much time with the girls and refused to visit them daily. “Because I, too, have their Affairs,” she explained. According to Finnish law, all children must be in the family center no more than six months. After this period, the girls shared. The elder gave to the orphanage, and the whereabouts of the youngest of Rots doesn’t know, only know that she was sent to a foster family.

Earlier, on 2 November, the human rights activist Johan Backman told that in November 2015, the Finnish authorities took two daughters of a citizen of Russia Svetlana Rots. Children residing in Finland on a visa. The basis for withdrawal, he said, was the assertion that the mother can take them to Russia.

On 13 October reported on the return of Finland to the father in Russia three children Russian woman Victoria Medvedeva. Informed Finnish authorities placed them in a shelter because of violence from the mother. According to Beckmann, the social services had acted “without trial and without objective reasons”.