In the election headquarters trump told about his indifference to the election results

Donald Trump

Campaign Manager of the candidate in US presidents from Republican party, Donald trump said that her boss indifferent to the election results. On Tuesday, November 1, reports The Independent.

According to Kelleen Conway, the billionaire said he would not be upset if you lose. “He said, “I think we will win. If not, then too bad”,” — quoted political consultant trump’s words. Conway added that such a response is a Republican pissed her off.

The billionaire also told his Manager that in case of defeat in the elections “will return to a normal life.” “I’m going to give myself a very long vacation”, — said the candidate of the Republican party.

The U.S. presidential election scheduled for November 8, the main rival trump — democratic candidate Hillary Clinton. According to the data, which lead on November 1, researchers from Real Clear Politics, Clinton is ahead of trump by 2.4 percent. After the third presidential debate between Republican rivals said that recognize the election results only in the case if you win.