Crimean spring ruined “the land question”



Chaotic development, environment and unreasonably high prices – so outlined the main problems of the Crimea today the Deputy of the state Duma of the Russian Federation Natalia Poklonskaya in an interview with RIA “Novosti”. The ex-the Prosecutor touched on it a number of important topics, including the socio-economic difficulties that the residents face in their daily lives.

Poklonskaya called them “vulnerable places”. And the first place was for the problem of chaotic development of the coast.

“It is impossible for someone to give preferences during the construction of the cottages or hotels on the beach, and the rest of the face finger. So will never be, one law for all”, she said.

Special attention, according to Poklonskaya, also requires ecology of the Crimea. As the Peninsula is still no modern landfills, the issue of sewage treatment plants and is not defined the boundaries of the reserves.

And finally, the next issue to be addressed, it considers unreasonably high prices on the Peninsula. “Now there is no article “speculation”, but the echoes of this phenomena, unfortunately, are available. Even in times of blackout once prices rebounded on products, diesel generators, candles,” – said the Deputy.

But it is unlikely that the circle of today’s problems of the Republic limited to these three. Comment on abstracts Poklonskaya from the point of view of General socio-political situation on the Peninsula “SP” asked well-known Crimean political analyst Vladimir Garello:

– Problems pointed out by Natalia Poklonskaya, are problem specific. And then you need to understand that she discusses them as a politician who is also a professional lawyer. And the lawyers, as you know, are a particular perception of the world. Just their profession requires it.

It listed the problems, in fact, this problem is very serious. First of all, from the point of view of a former Prosecutor of the Crimea.

But I think they should be considered much wider. For example, the same question about chaotic building is much more curious than he can afford to tell people, burdened with certain restrictions, and power.