Putin complained at the mysterious collection of biological material all Russians

Vladimir Polypropolene: the Story of Putin about the mysterious collection of biological material went on memes

Some people collect biological material of Russian citizens, said the President of Russia Vladimir Putin at a meeting of the Council for civil society development and human rights. It is reported by RIA Novosti.

During the meeting of ROIIP Director Igor Borisov said that someone using the surveillance system collects images of Russians with unknown purposes. “But the images, it’s okay. You know that biological material collected for the whole country”, — said the head of state.

Putin said that the material is collected for different ethnic groups and in different regions. “There is a question here is why do it? Do purposefully and professionally. We such is the object of very great interest,” he added.

According to “Interfax”, the President noted that the collectors can do what they want, and the Russians must do what one must.

In July this year RT with a link to the website of public procurement the United States wrote that one of the institutions of the American air force has floated a tender for the purchase of live tissue of the Russians of the Caucasian race. It was noted that the Department need samples RNA molecules that are involved in the implementation of human genetic information, and synovial fluid that provides joint mobility. In the document seen by the RT, it was emphasized that the customer will not consider tissue samples from the Ukraine.