Spanish authorities have accused the former head of the Catalan revolt

Carles Pujdeme

The attorney General of Spain, josé Manuel Maza filed charges of rebellion against the former head of Catalonia Carles Pokdemon and several of his associates. It is reported by La Vanguardia.

MAZ also sent to the national court a request for the accused to choose a measure of restraint, including detention. Such authorization of the General Prosecutor proposes to apply, “taking into account the seriousness of the facts and crimes” suspects.

The head of the Supervisory authority explained that appealed to the highest court of the Kingdom, as the case cannot be investigated at the place of Commission of the offences in Catalonia.

To the charges the former head of the government of the Autonomous community could face up to 30 years in prison.

According to the publication, Putteman and several members of the Catalan government are currently held in Brussels. Sunday, October 29, the state Secretary of Belgium on migration and asylum Theo Franken suggested Podemno political asylum, which caused sharp criticism from Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Charles Michel. He disavowed the suggestion of her colleagues and urged not to “inflame the passions”.

The Catalan Parliament declared independence from Spain on October 27. The decision was made by secret ballot. Before the procedure, left the room, the deputies from the opposition parties opposing the separation region.

On 1 October, the region held a referendum on independence. More than 90 percent of those who voted for secession of Catalonia from Spain. The Central government tried to prevent the holding of the plebiscite, including power methods. Suffered 893 people. Madrid of the will recognizes and considers his results null and void.