Rescuers found around Svalbard the wreckage of the missing Mi-8 helicopter

Rescuers found around Svalbard the wreckage of the missing Mi-8 helicopter

MURMANSK, October 29 — RIA Novosti. The wreckage of a Russian Mi-8 helicopter found in the sea near Barentsburg (archipelago Spitsbergen) at a depth of about 200 meters, according to the rescue centre of Northern Norway.

The wreckage of the Russian Mi-8 helicopter that has been missing since 26 October has been located.

— HRS Nord-Norge (@HRSNordNorge) October 29, 2017

On Thursday afternoon, a Russian helicopter, which belongs to the company “Konvers Avia” went missing off the coast of the Spitsbergen archipelago. The press service of the research Institute of the Arctic and Antarctic reported that on Board were five crew members and three scientists. They returned after hydrological observations and sampling program for ecological research.

The area likely crash examined from the air, shore and water. The search is being conducted by Russian and Norwegian rescuers. As noted by the rescue service of Norway, at the time of disappearance of the helicopter, the people heard the sound of the engine, which suddenly stopped.

According to MNRE, in the time of the incident in the area were difficult weather conditions weather information the crew had to transfer air navigation service Norway.

On Saturday, the Il-76 EMERCOM of Russia delivered to Svalbard specialists and the necessary high-tech equipment, including remote-controlled underwater vehicles “Falcon” and the sonar of the lateral review. Rescuers equipped with a compressor equipment, motor boats, unique classes, diving equipment and equipment required for work under water.