In Barcelona held a mass rally against the independence of Catalonia

In Barcelona held a mass rally against the independence of Catalonia

Mass rally against Catalan independence was held on 29 October in Barcelona. It is reported by El Pais.

The organizers said the number of demonstrators exceeded 1 million people. According to the authorities of the city, in the action participated more than 300 thousand people. The demonstration took place on the square between avenues Passeig de gràcia and Gran via.

The protesters carried the national flags of Spain and demanded to imprison sent in resignation the head of Catalonia Carles Pokdemon.

According to the polling company Sigma Dos political parties-opponents of the independence of Catalonia will win by a small margin in the parliamentary elections in the region. This was reported by the newspaper El Mundo.

In the survey took part 1 thousand. The survey showed that the unionist party would have received 43.4% of the votes and Pro-independence parties will enlist the support of 42.5 per cent of voters. In elected in 2015, the Parliament of Catalonia 47.7% of deputies belong to the party advocating the independence of the region and 39.1% of the supporters of the unity of Spain. The remaining seats belong to the party CSQP.

Earlier, the Spanish Senate approved the introduction of direct control in Catalonia in accordance with the 155th article of the Constitution of the country.

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