Named a way to destroy North Korea, the majority of the US population

Armed North Korea can stand a nuclear bomb, capable of causing an electromagnetic pulse that would destroy up to 90 percent of the U.S. population. This is with reference to published 12 October report by former employees of the U.S. Commission on electromagnetic pulse weapons William Graham and Peter Vincent pry tells Business Insider.

They believe that North Korea can produce a nuclear explosion over the United States, which will lead to high-frequency electromagnetic pulse that will disable the power system state. “During the year, this will lead to the death of up to 90 percent of the U.S. population,” write the authors of the report.

This indicates that six months ago, American intelligence was skeptical about the nuclear capabilities of North Korea, now in the U.S. believe that North Korean missiles can reach Denver and Chicago, and perhaps anywhere in the country. The report’s authors believe that armed North Korea can stand 60 nuclear warheads.

The experts of the Business Insider indicate that such an idea “ridiculous”, because absolute guarantee of implementation no. “North Korea is unlikely to take on such risks, but rather Pyongyang just strike on any American city”, — writes the edition. It also reminds that such actions will not only lead to the collapse of the electrical grid of the US, but destroy space satellites in countries such as China, Russia and Japan, which, according to Business Insider, will apply retaliatory action against North Korea.