France was caught in the payment of allowances to militants

More than 100 French jihadists continued to receive regular social benefits in his own name after he left the country to join a terrorist group “Islamic state” (IG, is prohibited in Russia) on the territory of Syria and Iraq. About it reports The Telegraph.

Similar conclusions were made in the course of the investigation, which was conducted in France and other European countries. As it was established law enforcement agencies, from 2012 to 2016 militants illegally received as social benefits more than two million euros, of which about 500 thousand euros has been allocated to the citizens of France. Thus, it was found that over the past year, French jihadists fighting for the Islamic state, received about 420 such illegal payments.

According to the investigator in the centres for social welfare were asked by the relatives of the militants, who demanded their name benefits. The money then went to terrorists through intermediaries, mainly through Turkey. In total, the investigation has established the identity of 210 Turkish and Lebanese intermediaries, and 190 French.

To stop this channel of funding terrorists was only last year after police handed over to the social welfare centres the names of all French citizens who have left the country.

According to The Telegraph, in France the unemployed can count on a benefit equal to 75 percent of their last salary, the minimum amount is around 545 euros per month.