Disclosed fees “Matilda” for two day rental

Released on Thursday, the movie “Matilda” gathered for two days of 69 million rubles. On Friday, October 27, RIA Novosti said the Director of the film Alexey Uchitel.

He noted that fees could be more if the picture advertised on TV. “It was supposed to be 100 million at least, I think so,” said the Teacher.

He also fears a sharp decline in revenues due to the lack of advertising on television, which covers more age audience.

“In the first weekend, those who wanted to go and watch. But there is still that part of the audience, “forty”, which should lure. And to lure it with is, this time, and some popular programs, where are the actors from the movie and tell you something interesting,” explained the Director.

The film “Matilda” was in the spotlight thanks to the scandal, hosted by the Deputy of the state Duma Natalia Polonskaya. The MP has repeatedly appealed to the Prosecutor General to check the tape and called to ban it.

In official hire in Russia the film by Alexei Uchitel was released on 26 October.