Tillerson acknowledged successful Russian operation in Syria

Rex Tillerson

The anti-terrorist operation of the Russian Armed forces in Syria was a success, recognized by the U.S. Secretary Rex Tillerson, speaking to accompanying journalists in Geneva. The transcript of his statements as transfers TASS, the press service of the state Department.

Tillerson asked whether he agrees with the opinion of those European diplomats, who called Iran’s actions in Syria in triumph. In response, he said that he doesn’t consider Syria as a triumph for Iran. In his view, Iran was not particularly successful in liberating areas of Syria against extremists and terrorists.

“Successfully operates the Russian government is offering significant support from the air forces of the Syrian regime. He has his share of successes,” said Tillerson.

However, he said that the huge success achieved in the destruction of the insurgents in Syria the United States also with the coalition partners.

“So I don’t think that Iran, by whatever way necessary to put credit for the defeat of ISIS in Syria. I think he probably in some degree took advantage of the situation with his presence there,” he said.

On October 16 the Minister of defence of Russia Sergey Shoigu said that the operation against the militants in Syria comes to an end.

Russia conducts anti-terrorist operation in Syria since September 2015. In March 2016 on the orders of the Supreme commander Vladimir Putin and the country began the withdrawal of the main part of the Russian military group, but videoconferencing and Navy continued to strike at militants. In addition, service in Syria are the military police.