Putin urged to improve the security of Runet

Putin urged to improve the security of Runet

According to him, the question of limiting access and barriers for citizens is not.

Moscow. 26 Oct. INTERFAX — Russian President Vladimir Putin said about the need to increase the security of the Russian segment of the Internet and the need for stronger action against those who use it for criminal purposes.

“We should improve the security and stability of the infrastructure of the Russian segment of the Internet, if you will need to adopt additional regulations, let’s discuss exactly what. I would like to stress, we can not talk about limiting the access of law-abiding citizens to resources of global network, some total barriers and filters”, — Putin said at a meeting of the Russian security Council.

Putin stressed the need for strict adherence and respect for the constitutional right to receive and disseminate information.

But, as in other democratic countries, we must deal with the fact and those who use the information space to promote radical ideas, justify terrorism, extremism, and resolutely stop attempts, threatening the security of our state, society and individual citizens.

He recalled that this year the legislature strengthened the responsibility for the organization of sites, urging children and teenagers to suicide, law enforcement and intelligence agencies are much more likely to reveal to suppress the activities of recruiters to terrorist groups, including the ranks of the banned in Russia, IG.

“It is also firmly within the law to act against other individuals and groups that use the Internet, the information space in criminal purposes,” — said Putin.