Poklonskaya called the audience “Matilda” “naughty students”

Poklonskaya called the audience “Matilda” “naughty students”

The Deputy of the State Duma Natalia Poklonskaya commented on the release in wide release of the film by Alexei Uchitel “Matilda”. His video message she posted on the YouTube channel.

Poklonski congratulated his supporters on the victory, explaining that he is referring to all believers — “Christians and Muslims”.

“The victory that their faith, sincerity and unity we were able to break the backbone of the forces that are many centuries trying to break Russia, Holy Russia”, — she noted.

According to the MP, those who decided to go to a movie, driven by either curiosity, or Schadenfreude.

Many who went to the premiere of the modestly accelerated steps, the face turned away from people, look how much naughty schoolchildren.Natalia Poklonskaya

In addition, she criticized the position of the General Prosecutor’s office, which did not respond to any of the 43 submissions sent to her about the movie.

“Before, honestly, I thought, just do not report to the attorney General, not aware he argument people. But as it turned out, very aware of everything. Even though he says he does not follow the “woman-politician”. Well, first, I thought that he spoke to a senior officer and an experienced colleague. But heard in response: “policies,” concluded Taylor.

Earlier, according to the poll, it became known that against the position of Natalia Polonskaya to the movie “Matilda” in favor, 48% of Russians.

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