Putin asked to postpone the indexation of pensions for military

Putin asked to postpone the indexation of pensions for military

The indexation of pensions for military retirees should be held January 1, simultaneously with increase of salaries for active military, as it was before. This was at a meeting with members of the government said President Vladimir Putin, the correspondent of RBC.

Since 2011, pensions of ex-military has increased 1.9 times, Putin said, and each time the indexation was carried out simultaneously with the growth of military pay. But in this year’s budget decided to do it with a difference in a month, Putin said, although, “it’s about 2,6 million people.”

“We need to make it like it was before, also from January 1, to index pensions to military pensioners and persons equated to them, they are employees of internal Affairs bodies and servicemen of the national guard, fire protection and so on. But in order to do this, the budget should include money already this year”, — said Putin.

Budget revenues allow you to implement such a scheme, said the head of state. Finance Minister Anton Siluanov confirmed this.

At the end of October last year, RBC reported that military retirees will not receive a lump sum payment in 5 thousand rbl. the bill for a lump sum payment, which prepared the Ministry of labor, mentioned only recipients of pensions according to the Pension Fund. Military pensioners was not there. According to the Finance Ministry, the number of war pensioners in Russia to 2017 is more than 2.58 million people. However, in early November the President of Russia Vladimir Putin asked the government to Supplement the bill, to a one-time payment affected all categories of pensioners, including military and equated categories.