Been shown to be effective remedy against aging

American and Australian researchers conducted clinical trials of stem cell therapy for anti-aging. The method proved to be effective and safe for humans. The scientific results published in The Journals of Gerontology. Briefly it is described in the New Atlas.

Experts used multipotent mesenchymal stromal stem cells (MMSC). This type of cell located in an adult organism and is able to differentiate (transform) into cells of bone, cartilage and fatty tissue. During the procedure, the patients, whose average age has reached 76 years, received a MSC isolated from bone marrow of donors of 20-45 years. Six months later the volunteers have improved physical activity and overall quality of life, as well as normal levels contribute to inflammation proteins.

In addition, the researchers conducted a randomized, double-blind test with control group, when the subjects are randomly split into two groups, one of which everybody gets a placebo. In this case, those who directly carries out an experiment do not know who receives the real medication and who dummy. Unwanted side effects from stem cell therapy were noted. In this case, aging is also slowed down.