The German siganul 15-year-old refugee and beat him

A German citizen accused of causing grievous bodily harm, aggravated by ethnic hatred, after beating 15-year-old Afghan refugee. About it reports The Local.

The incident occurred in Saxony near the Czech border. 31-year-old German got on the train at one station, and 15-year-old Afghan in the company of two young Syrian refugees entered the car at the next stop. As soon as the man saw, he approached her, raised his hand in a Nazi salute and hit the Afghan in the face.

The young people hurried to leave the team, but the assailant followed them. According to the teenager who accompanied the Syrians, the man began to beat the Afghans, and when he fell, began to beat his head on the ground. The victim was taken away in an ambulance, and the rowdy was detained by the police. In his blood found at 1.9 ppm alcohol.

Earlier, on 23 October in Leipzig shaved head young man spat in the post-Holocaust Jew, and also raised his hand in a Nazi salute.