Sobchak has explained the phrase “genetic trash in Russia”

TV presenter Ksenia Sobchak has told that meant, saying that Russia is “a country of genetic scum”. According to her, it is a genetic accident that occurred in the country because of Civil war, revolution and dispossession. She told about it in interview to the journalist Yuri Dude. A recording of the encounter posted on YouTube-channel “wdwd”.

“Our country has passed a huge number of human cleansing, when the best of the best destroyed. And these words [of genetic trash] applies, above all, for me and you, Yura, and to all here. Because we are the result of what was happening to our country,” she said.

Sobchak noted that its goal is to prevent another such cleaning, which now manifests itself in the form of emigration from Russia. “Best of the best are leaving the country. This is also a genetic cleansing. It is just different and, thank God, more herbivorous, no one shot. I am against this. We must do everything to avoid this regular cleaning after emigration,” — said TV presenter.

The phrase “genetic trash” was uttered Sobchak during an interview with “Interlocutor”. Then she said that Russia is “an ideal testing ground for observing logariasmo”. Its replica she explained that because of the events of 1917 and 1937, the country “has become a country of genetic scum”.

18 Oct Ksenia Sobchak announced his intention to run for President in 2018. In her view, her nomination may be useful for the opposition and for the whole country.