Poroshenko illustrated post about the expulsion of Ukrainians by the deportation of the Jews

Petro Poroshenko

The President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko used a photo of the deportation of Jews by the Nazis in his microblog on Twitter, illustrating the message on the 70th anniversary of the mass resettlement of residents of Western Ukraine in other regions of the USSR. On Tuesday, October 23, on his page in Facebook wrote the head of the Ukrainian Jewish Committee Eduard Dolinsky.

Photo: Public Domain / Wikimedia

“Tweet of the head of state on the occasion of the 70th anniversary of the mass deportation of the population of the West Ukrainian lands in Siberia as an illustration photo of deportation by the Nazis of Jews from Lodz to the death camps in 1942. To the right of the original photo from the Holocaust Museum in Washington,” said Dolinsky, accompanied his post with illustrations.

The entry in Twitter Poroshenko issued on October 21.

In October 1947 the public security organs, the Soviet Union conducted forced evictions of tens of thousands of residents of Western Ukraine into the USSR. The operation, dubbed “Zapad” was held for the weakening and liquidation of the underground organization of Ukrainian nationalists and the Ukrainian insurgent army (OUN and UPA as extremist and banned in Russia).