In new York a van Gogh put up for auction for $50 million

In new York a van Gogh put up for auction for $50 million NEW YORK, October 24 — RIA Novosti. Painting of Vincent van Gogh’s “Plowed field and ploughman” (“Laboureur dans un champ”) will be offered for auction in new York with an estimated value over 50 million dollars, told RIA Novosti in the auction house Christie’s. Announcing the #Texas art Collection of Nancy Lee and Perry R. Bass selling this Nov highlighted by a #vangogh — Christie’s (@ChristiesInc) 23 Oct 2017. During the download an error has occurred. Painting by the Dutch artist will be the main lot at the auction of works of impressionist and modern art from the collection of Nancy Lee and Perry bass on 13 November. Christie’s presents the collection includes 36 works of the specified period, and post-war art, the total estimated cost of which exceeds $ 120 million, the report says.

Scientists have learned why people are afraid of spiders and snakes

Scientists have learned why people are afraid of spiders and snakes MOSCOW, October 23 — RIA Novosti. Fear of spiders and snakes is present in humans from a very early age, found scientists from the Institute of cognitive science and brain science, the max Planck Society. The results of the study were published in the journal Frontiers in Psychology. During the experiments, the researchers showed six-month-babies images of flowers and spiders, while measuring the degree of pupil dilation. This figure indicates the level of production by the body of the hormone norepinephrine and thus allows to evaluate the stress. In parallel the same experiment, infants showed fish and snakes. “When we showed the children images of spiders and snakes instead of flowers and fish of a similar size and coloring, those are much stronger than widened pupils,” quoted one of the study’s authors, neuroscientist Stefanie Hel portal Sciencealert. So, when

In the USA a year-old child from Russia drowned in the Jacuzzi at the party

In the U.S. state of Florida year-old child of the family from Russia drowned in a Jacuzzi during a party. It is reported WFLA. The incident occurred in Pasco County. The boy got in the Jacuzzi, while his parents celebrated the day of birth. Then they noticed he was missing his son, but it was too late. The parents found the child unconscious in the tub. He was hospitalized, doctors at children’s hospital pronounced him dead. Police said they could not find in the incident of criminal intent, in their opinion, a child has an accident. In may it was reported that in the suburbs of Vladivostok three-year-old, who suffers from cerebral palsy drowned in a puddle. The depth of the pools was about 20 inches, it was dug as a base for future flower beds. The child fell into the water-filled pit and drowned.

Je Suis Tanya. From of edition”.ru”

Tatiana Felgengauer As we know, not all professions are the same. There are those in which one awkward movement, miscalculation, error or just bad luck can be very expensive. This usually applies to professions that work with people: doctors, firefighters, rescue workers and, as history shows, journalists. Young journalists usually explain that they should not be biased in the coverage of events up to a failure from their own point of view. What a professional journalist is first and foremost a communication channel between the information and the audience. Professional journalist, as a professional simultaneous interpreter should not be seen. Usually forget to warn that, in any case, even if all these conditions are met the journalist on the front line. It does not have to be in the “hot spot” (colleagues working there deserve a separate discussion and deep respect) is simply to write news at the Agency, sitting

In Russia frozen 6 million of assets of alleged terrorists

In Russia frozen 6 million of assets of alleged terrorists The head of Rosfinmonitoring Yuri Chikhanchin at a meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin said that the year in Russia were frozen the assets of suspected terrorists for 6 million rubles. “On the one hand, it’s kind of a small amount, but if you say that the attack in St. Petersburg at a cost of 150 thousand rubles., 6 million is a very large amount of money… We managed to block the bill, block, concrete action,” said Mr Chikhanchin. Besides, Yury Chikhanchin said that the Rosfinmonitoring together with the FSB and with the commercial banks built the financial model for the behavior of terrorists, which led to the identification of nearly 200 individuals involved in terrorism. Now concerning them criminal charges.

Russian diplomats accused the US government in the removal of consular archives

Russian diplomats accused the US government in the removal of consular archives Actions by the us authorities violate the provisions of the Vienna Convention, stated at the Russian Embassy. Moscow. 24 Oct. INTERFAX.RU — Authorities in the United States alone were taken from the building of Consulate General of Russia in San Francisco inviolable consular archives and gave it to the Russian Embassy in Washington on 23 October in spite of repeated protests from Russia, said the Russian Embassy in the United States. “The us authorities have not granted us access to the building of the Consulate General of Russia in San Francisco, closed their decision on September 2, in order of export of the consular archives. Instead, they independently Packed and transported him to Washington. This was done in spite of repeated protests from the Russian foreign Ministry and the Embassy. On 23 October, the archive was transferred to