Je Suis Tanya. From of edition”.ru”

Tatiana Felgengauer

As we know, not all professions are the same. There are those in which one awkward movement, miscalculation, error or just bad luck can be very expensive. This usually applies to professions that work with people: doctors, firefighters, rescue workers and, as history shows, journalists.

Young journalists usually explain that they should not be biased in the coverage of events up to a failure from their own point of view. What a professional journalist is first and foremost a communication channel between the information and the audience. Professional journalist, as a professional simultaneous interpreter should not be seen.

Usually forget to warn that, in any case, even if all these conditions are met the journalist on the front line. It does not have to be in the “hot spot” (colleagues working there deserve a separate discussion and deep respect) is simply to write news at the Agency, sitting in the Studio radio broadcast or rent television reports. Journalist — the one extreme, one first reacts the recipient. React — a neat word. The reaction may be different. Here (not quite to the point) remember Pushkin “In anger he began to codesite / And the messenger wanted to hang”, where the messenger, of course, only those who gave bad news.

Almost any journalist can tell a few “jokes” about the threats that come to the office. To make a joke of it — beautiful professional bravado and understandable defensive reaction. To pretend that all is well in the order of things. Because it is strange and scary to admit that you live by sight: to look in the dark, asking parents to be careful, afraid for the children. Thus it is not necessary to recall the names of the journalists killed in recent years — we all remember them and so.

But the worst thing is not even that. The worst thing is when the shadow turns out to be his peers. When baiting, hallooing and clash of the right and left, those who are for and those who are against, bring boiling point to the high sublimation that breaks all barriers. When the game is on the emotions and nerves of the public, labeling the right and search for the guilty becomes the only possible (and in fact shot down) the purpose of the journalistic profession. Then a tragedy happens. Such as the attack on a leading “echo of Moscow” Tatiana Felgengauer.

Some of the staff and authors “of the” worked on “echo” since the founding of the radio station, and some work on it to this day. There are our acquaintances, colleagues, friends and relatives. What happened to “echo” — applies to all journalists, regardless of what they are doing every day: write notes, out there in the airwaves, do videos. This is our common tragedy and pain.

We live in difficult, stressful time. Ideology plays a the role. And I want to urge all my colleagues from different media to increase your ranking on anything, except relieve people with different perspectives to each other. The media is designed to tell, educate, if you like to entertain, but certainly not in order to do so, some people began to hate others. Because the latter leads to terrible actions, the witnesses of which we have all become.

The Editors”.ru” I support Tanya, and wish courage to her family and a speedy recovery to her. Tanya, we will be waiting for your return to the ether. Let all be good!