In Thailand, took video of goldfish-“zombie”

In Thailand, took video of goldfish-“zombie”

In social networks there was a creepy video with a fish without a head, which, as it was nothing floating in the aquarium. As told by the owner of the “nonliving” fish, she swam in three days.

Shaolong Lin who posted on Facebook, said that the fish was injured in the battle with the other inhabitants of the aquarium. However, within three days continued to swim.

The video shocked many users who came up with the fish the nickname “zombie”.

Especially perceptive have noticed that the fish has lost not the whole head, so to function after the injury for some time.

Others have advised to remove the fish from the aquarium to prevent bacterial infection in the water.

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The portal to which The Daily Mail asked for comments, said that in some cases, cells that react to stimuli, continue the activity even when the brain is no longer functioning.

The neurons maintain membrane potential in ionic charge, which spreads along the nerve paths are like a Domino effect and causes movement.