In China, the flight attendant fell from aircraft

Flight attendant China airlines China Eastern Airlines fell out of the plane while trying to close the door liner. This reports the South China Morning Post.

The incident occurred when the plane was preparing for departure. As a result of falling from three-meter height, the girl suffered multiple fractures and bruises.

First aid to the injured officers visited the airfield services, who noticed lying on the concrete flight attendant and called the medics. Because of the accident flight was delayed for two hours.

As reported in the administration of the air Harbor, the incident likely occurred because of violations of security measures and rules, which provide that the closing of the aircraft doors have to control two members of the crew.

On 22 August it was reported that the passengers and the cabin crew disarmed a traveler, intending to open the door liner American Airlines during your flight Los Angeles— Minneapolis. After the aircraft commander has announced that it begins to decline, one of the passengers tried to get out of the ship. Several of his companions pacified the rowdy, and then help them come stewards. After landing at the airport of Minneapolis/St. Paul aboard the liner raised up by the police, which brought the bully.