Found the worst pumpkin for Halloween

Found the worst pumpkin for Halloween

The entertainment portal user Reddit under the nickname fordr015 made the worst pumpkin that I could possibly imagine. The result of the creativity he has presented on court of visitors of the website.

fordr015 carved pumpkin on the battery of the gadget in which there are only two percent charge. Reddit users agreed that the alarming two percent charge there is nothing.

I carved the scariest pumpkin I could imagine.

“Worst of all, it (the charge is approx. “Of the”) simply teases you, when it gets so low, what makes you think he’ll go any second, but actually almost always lasts 10 minutes,” shared Cm0002.

“Or when he says that there are ten percent, and you’re like, “Okay, just finish it …”. And it shut off prematurely,” writes thehouseofjohndeaf.

Users have shared their nightmares, related to a fear of being without mobile phone charging. “I thought it was a nightmare but when I woke up this morning, my darkest dream come true: the socket has been disabled all the time (until the owner of the phone thought it was charging — approx. “Of the”)…”, — recalls with horror Cnguyen599.

The post with the photo “the most nightmarish pumpkin” caused a sensation on Reddit. It saw more than a million visitors per day on record appeared more than thousands of choices with terrible stories about discharged phone.