Bozena of Rynska vs Ksenia Sobchak: a drama in one act

Bozena of Rynska vs Ksenia Sobchak: a drama in one act

Also starring: Igor Malashenko and Alexey Navalny.

Active person

Ksenia Sobchak, a possible presidential candidate
Bozena of Rynska, socialite
Igor Malashenko, the civil husband of Bozena Ryńskie and chief of staff Sobchak
Alexei Navalny, a politician, a possible rival Sobchak in the elections
A journalist from the press conference.

The Stanislavsky electrotheatre, Ksenia Sobchak sits in the center of the room. Journalists look forward to when she will announce the members of his team.

Sobchak: now the Election is a show. And as a professional I can say — this show is pretty low quality. My goal is to turn this show. To set its own rules. Perhaps my participation will add a certain number of people who will come to the elections and vote against all. Against all, including against President Vladimir Putin.

Bozena: what a sneaky snake. Decided to run, bitch. Why act Ksenia mean? Yes, because all contractual matches meanness, and all their members are SCOUNDRELS.