The diver was afraid of the tiger shark and swam 7.5 km in Australia

John Craig

Remaining without a boat diver accidentally attracted the attention of sharks in shark Bay (also known as Shark Bay) in Western Australia and then swam 7.5 miles to shore. The story of John Craig (John Craig) leads ABC.

According to 34-year-old man during underwater fishing October 20 his harpoon stuck under a rock. To pull it out, it took time and a boat with a partner carried away. Craig for several minutes trying to get his attention, splashing in the water and screamed, but it turned out that the ship encountered problems with the engine.

“I put my head under the water to check whether I’m in the same place, and suddenly at arm’s length, saw a huge four-meter tiger shark,” said the man. The fish circled around and swam up, “trying to figure out what the hell I am, and will fit for the menu,” he added.

Craig deterred her spear, then decided to swim to shore. “I thought it was the end of the four nautical miles with a huge tiger shark on the tail,” he said. However, he got lucky and after some time the animal backward. In the end, the man swam to shore three hours, trying not to attract the attention of other predators splash.

“When I got to the beach, I was exhausted. I could barely stand, my feet are sore”, he said. As it turned out, this time in the Gulf the owners of the other vessels had already organized the search for him, they also drew the plane, the pilot of which eventually found Craig on the land.

The man after the incident said that had worked as a diving instructor in the Gulf, so not experienced such a strong shock, as if faced with a shark in another place.

In the waters of the Bay are home to over ten species of sharks, including tiger, which are considered extremely dangerous to humans. They grow to an average of 4.25 meters in length and weigh up to 635 kilograms.

Earlier in October, it was reported that the West Australian tiger shark has attacked a diver, who was filming her on the video. She walked over to the man, but at the last moment turned and swam away.