Russian foreign Ministry: statements of the President of Afghanistan on Russia’s support of the Taliban is unacceptable

The building of the foreign Ministry of the Russian Federation

© Roman Canasuc/TASS

MOSCOW, October 23. /TASS/. Moscow considers unacceptable the statements of Afghan President Ashraf Ghani that Russia allegedly supports the Taliban. This was stated on Monday at the foreign Ministry.

“Drew attention to reports in the Afghan media about the statements of the President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan Ghani during his recent trip to Paktia province on the “support” Russia’s Taliban movement – said in Russian depodesta. – Consider unacceptable such statements of the head of a friendly Afghanistan.”

“We remind you that the Afghan officials have repeatedly at different levels confirmed the groundlessness of such accusations of Moscow”, – added the foreign Ministry of the Russian Federation.

The Ministry of foreign Affairs pointed out that Moscow has consistently Kabul multidimensional assistance, “including in strengthening the combat capability of national security forces, actively facilitating an intra-Afghan dialogue for an early establishment of peace and stability in this country.”

“We call on the leadership of the IRA not to go on about the swelling in some Western media of anti-Russian hysteria,” – said the Russian foreign Ministry.

Condemnation of terrorist attacks

Russia strongly condemns the series of terrorist attacks in Afghanistan and called for the speedy launch of the national dialogue in the country, also said the Russian foreign Ministry.