In Switzerland, the teenager from Latvia with a hatchet attacked passers-by

In the Swiss town of Flums 17-year-old citizen of Latvia with an ax attacked passers-by. Reported by the Associated Press.

Indicated that the young man attacked several people in the town square, then stole a car and tried to escape, but was involved in an accident.

He left the car and on foot moved in the direction of the filling, along the way attacking several people. Arrived on the scene, the police made the arrest of the offender, wounding him.

The motives of the young man, as well as the number and condition of victims is still unknown. The police did not consider the incident a terrorist attack and collects data about a young man.

On 20 October in Wroclaw Will Carpathian province located in the South-East of Poland, a man with a knife attacked visitors to the shopping center “VIVO”. As a result one person was lost, eight more got wounds. According to witnesses, the attacker entered the building and began to strike blows with a knife.