Ryaboshapko made a splash online and was alerted otters

A Reddit user under the nickname TrentWatts wrote that his girlfriend mocked his Crocs shoes and promised to stop doing it if he would show her even more ugly shoes.

“My girlfriend said if I can find more ugly shoes, it will cease to mock my crocs” — he wrote, attaching a photo of the Slippers, which he found to replace the crocs.

Slippers in the shape of fish were uncomfortable, but well help start a conversation, writes TrentWatts.

Ryaboshapko caused a sensation among visitors to the portal. Many immediately rushed to the sites online stores to look for such. “I have to buy each a pair of these for Christmas!” — admire them. Users write that previously did not even know that they they need.

The guy confessed that he ordered flip flops on Amazon. Users immediately found them. The sellers promise that shoes will certainly make you stand out from the crowd. The author of the announcement notes that bought Ryaboshapko will not suffer from boredom and lack of communication, because it will always someone to approach.

It turned out that this fall Ryaboshapko become a trend. They are recommended to buy help and carry some stars, for example, Japanese singer Bomi. To the new trend of caring and animals. In early October, one of the owners of a Shoe showed as Ryaboshapko literally attacked his home otter who confused them with the loot.

カワウソちぃたん☆? (@love_otter_love)
08 Oct 2017, 00:35