Became known date of the parliamentary elections in Iraq

Elections to the Council of representatives (Parliament) of Iraq will be held on may 12, 2018. About it reports TV channel Al Sumaria, citing the independent Higher election Commission of the country.

According to the Agency “Xinhua”, and together with them will be held and local Iraqi elections.

The vote in Parliament last time was held on 30 April 2014. For seats in the Council of representatives claimed 9040 candidates from 107 political parties. In elections can take part more than 20 million voters, the turnout was 60 percent. It was the first elections in Iraq after the us withdrawal in 2011.

Won unit of the Prime Minister of Iraq Nouri al-Maliki “State of law”. At the moment the politician holds the post of Vice-President of the country.

The coalition of “State law” formed in 2009. It is a block of Shiite, Sunni and Kurdish parties.