China announced a new era

China announced a new era

In China, formed the “socialism with Chinese characteristics for a new era”, the most perfect model of democracy in the world, which will be the ideology of the PRC for the next five years. This Secretary General of the Communist party of China (CPC) XI Jinping said Wednesday the delegates who gathered at its XIX Congress. As the goal in Beijing referred to by mid-century, “a prosperous, democratic, harmonious and beautiful” powers. However, on the way the authorities have to overcome a series of challenges — in particular, to eliminate the growing gap between the state of the economy and the expectations of the people.


Speech XI Jinping took about three hours, becoming the longest in modern history of China. The main innovation of the first day of the Congress was the announcement that the Communist party has developed the “idea of socialism with Chinese characteristics for a new era”.

This form of socialism based on the ideology of the predecessors of XI Jinping from Mao Zedong, called “guide to action” for the next five years. As appeared on the website of the Agency “Xinhua” explanation of the final goal, XI Jinping sees the creation of “the great modern socialist countries, which by mid-century become a prosperous, strong, democratic, culturally advanced, harmonious and beautiful.”

The new ideology consists of 14 items, the main of which is “to provide the leadership of the party in all Affairs”.

Other items told party members to “adhere to man-centered approach”, “to maintain harmony between people and nature” and to “ensure control over the armed forces.”

Most of these ideas before in one form or another have already met in the speeches of leaders of China, and nothing new delegates heard. In the Charter party, which is slightly adjusted each Congress, the idea of “socialism of a new era”, apparently, will also be mentioned without the name of XI, and thus on a par with Mao Zedong and Deng Xiaoping until he snaps. “Perhaps on a larger scale the idea for the authorship of the Secretary General will enter into a Charter party on the following the XX Congress” — has assumed in conversation with “Kommersant” Deputy Director of the Institute of Asia and Africa of Moscow state University Andrei Karneev.

The Secretary General has identified the main contradiction of the epoch — “between uneven development and increasing need of people to improve their living conditions”.

It’s difficult to argue: signifying inequality, the Gini coefficient has grown in China by 2016 to 46.5 points (in Russia in 2015 — 37,7).