Canada North America’s first ban on wearing the burqa

Canada North America’s first ban on wearing the burqa

In the canadian province of québec enacted an extensive law that prohibits to hide the face in public places and in the civil service. It is reported by the Globe and Mail.

Fall under the ban in the first place, the wearing of traditional Muslim garments, the burqa (burka) and the niqab that conceal the face entirely or partially, but the law does not exclude the possibility that the ban could be extended to cases when people hide the face in other ways, for example, with the help of bandanas, emphasizes the publication.

This ban was the first of its kind not only for Canada but for all North America.

Strict prohibition extends to public servants, workers and employees of hospitals, libraries, schools, public authorities and municipalities, as well as those who are engaged in the field of passenger transport.

In addition, it is forbidden to hide the face all the rest — while receiving public services, as well as passengers of public transport. “To use public transport, you have to open your face and keep it on for the whole trip,” — said the Minister of justice of Quebec’s Stephanie Valle.