The star of “Game of thrones” was told that Weinstein twice harassed her

The star of “Game of thrones” was told that Weinstein twice harassed her

MOSCOW, 17 Dec — RIA Novosti. English actress, star of TV series “Game of thrones” Lena heady said that double-faced harassment by film producer Harvey Weinstein: at the Venice film festival and at the hotel Los Angeles.

“Harvey invited me to walk to the water, I went with him, he stopped and made an indecent proposal by his gesture, I translated everything into a joke, I was absolutely shocked. Remember thinking that this is some kind of joke,” he wrote on Twitter about Khidi the first case of harassment Weinstein, adding that after this role in any of his films.

Following the incident, according to the actress, happened in one of the hotels of Los Angeles in the United States. Hidi said that Weinstein invited her for Breakfast, and then I called upstairs to your apartment to see the script.

After Hidi warned Weinstein that between them is only possible working relationship, he, in her words, was angry, grabbed her by the arm and whispered in his ear that she “never told me or his Manager or agent.” As he wrote on Twitter Hidi, after she “sat in the car and cried.”

Last week the New York Times published the results of its own investigation, which pointed to numerous instances of harassment by the famous producer, which was not previously known. According to the publication, Weinstein for decades, starting around 1990, molested women, promising to help them with a career. About the harassment by Weinstein said such famous Actresses as Gwyneth Paltrow, Ashley Judd, Angelina Jolie, Kate beckinsale and many others. Weinstein was fired from he founded the company and expelled from the film Academy of the USA.