The leader of the British neo-Nazi turned Jew and gay

Kevin Wilshaw

One of the leaders of the British neo-Nazi Kevin Wilshaw (Wilshaw Kevin) announced his Jewish origin, called the racist garbage and admitted to sexual orientation. He stated this in an interview with Channel 4 News.

Wilshaw said that he regrets his actions in the past and leave the ranks of neo-Nazis. He said that he, a Jewish mother, was able to come to terms with belonging to an anti-Semitic organization. It was more difficult to reconcile his homosexuality with homophobia, followed by his companions.

He confessed that he participated in the fights, but fought only in self-defense. “During the clashes in Leeds I smashed on someone’s head chair”, — he remembered.

Wilshaw said that has never used violence towards minorities. “I know cases when people were beaten up just because they are black. But it was disgusting to nausea, this is what has turned my mind”, — he stressed.

The Briton also said he intends to fight against his former comrades. “I want to hurt them. Those who spread this garbage [racist ideology], who lives a lie and is on the hook of this propaganda. I want to hurt them,” said the man.

Wilshaw in the 1980-ies was one of the founders, and then the leaders of the British National front. The organization advocated “racial purity” and the expulsion of all immigrants from the United Kingdom.