Russia for the month lent US $ 2.3 billion

Russia in August 2017 have increased investment in US government bonds 2.3 billion to $ 105,4 billion dollars. This is evidenced by data from the U.S. Treasury. Compared to August 2016 portfolio of U.S. bonds of the Russian Federation increased by $ 18 billion.

Russia currently ranks 14th among the holders of the bonds of the United States. The top leaders in the last 10 years are China and Japan, which the United States needs 1.2 and $ 1.1 trillion respectively.

In addition to the above countries are among the largest creditors of the United States included Ireland, Brazil, Cayman Islands, Switzerland, UK, Luxembourg, Hong Kong and Taiwan.

In June, Reuters reported that the Federal reserve supplied the American authorities sensitive information on the assets of foreign Central banks, including the Bank of Russia. Immediately after the introduction of Washington’s personal sanctions against Russian businessmen in March 2014 the Russian Central Bank withdrew 115 billion dollars from the Federal reserve Bank of new York.

According to the Bank, the total volume of Russia’s international reserves is in the middle of October 423,3 billion dollars.